Favorites Library iOS app for Twitter Coming Soon

As someone who uses Twitter as a news reading and curating tool, I find the Favorites feature to be indispensable. While there are some online tools that archive or save these favorites in bookmarking services , I found that there are no satisfactory mobile services or apps, to access and search through these favorites on the go. Hence Favorites Library.

With Favorites Library:

  • Access and Search through Twitter Favorites from multiple accounts, offline.
  • Filter for Tweets containing Links or Pictures specifically. View all pictures in a gallery mode.
  • Optionally backup your Favorites archive to dropbox, and sync multiple devices. (While this may seem like an unnecessary feature – this is a client for an online service after all – remember that the number of tweets returned by the Twitter API is limited. There is a chance that some of your older favorites might drop off the radar, and so, a backup option)

Some screenshots:

Fav Library 1Fav Library 2     Fav Library 3


Look for Favorites Library to hit the App Store soon.

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