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Firemint’s SPY Mouse: Impressions

Downloaded SPY Mouse(99c) today.. A long time in the making, this is Firemint’s first release post their acquisition by EA (to be honest, that never struck me until I saw the loading screen).

This is best described as a line-drawing stealth puzzle game. You control Squeak, the mouse, by drawing a line on the screen just like in Flight Control. The objective is to collect all pieces of Cheese in a level, while avoiding cats who patrol the area.

Playing through a couple of levels in the game was certainly addictive – each level features 3 badges you can earn – for completing the game within a time limit, or avoiding being spotted by any cat and so on. And the graphics certainly look great.

Definitely worth the 99c asking price, considering there are about 70 levels here. Hope there is more content in the future though, like in Angry Birds. And definitely hope there’s an iPad version in the works too.

Here’s a short gameplay video:

Deathspank Sequel Release Imminent!

The Baconing, the sequel to Hothead Games’ hilarious Action-RPG, Deathspank: Throngs of Virtue is releasing on the PSN on August 31!

It is part of the PSN ‘Play’ package, where you can preorder 4 upcoming games and get Sony’s PAYDAY: The Heist free.

This can be played as a standalone game – that is you needn’t have layer the earlier games in the series. You will miss some of the hidden references though.

Check out this pretty funny teaser for the game. Having played the earlier game, I can’t wait to check this one out when it launches.

Playstation Vita To Miss 2011 Release in US and Europe


Well, this is just plain confusing. Just days after it was confirmed that the Vita has passed through FCC testing, comes news that it will miss a Christmas release in the US and Europe regions.

Bloomberg reports Sony chairman Kaz Hirai as saying that the Vita would launch only in Japan by the end of the year.

Given the fact that it’s main competitor, the 3DS has dropped in price by $80, and with Smartphones beginning to rule portable gaming, it is imperative that Sony puts it’s act together, and launches the system in as many areas as soon as possible. The fall/Christmas period is an especially important period for sales.

The news of this delay thus makes no sense – unless Sony is aiming to further refine the product and try to reduce costs.

Any other thoughts?