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Links for 11th December 2011


Sproutcore 2.0 lives on as Amber.js, after the Sproutcore team was absorbed by Facebook. The project will be maintained by Tilde, which was setup by Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale, both of whom had left Sproutcore earlier this year.

iTunes-like Coverflow with jQuery

Add interactive sliders, that look like the album-art Coverflow in iTunes.

Windows 8 Metro App Development overview

A look at the architecture and new Technologies involved in the development of apps for Microsoft’s tablet-oriented Metro interface in Windows 8. ‘Contracts’ seem interesting – providing simple hooks into various native APIs, while background tasks seem to be somewhat limited.

Review of Radiant – A Content Management System written in Rails

Seems an interesting alternative to the loads of PHP based CMSs such as WordPress or Drupal. However, most Users might be turned-off by the relatively higher complexity of setting up the app, and the limited options of Hosts geared towards personal use.